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Kombucha First Fermentation

Kombucha First Fermentation
Kombucha First Fermentation A How to guide!

Kombucha First Fermentation

Making homemade kombucha has three main steps (click the links below to jump around the post):

  1. Make SCOBY 7-10 days
  2. First Fermentation (6 to 10 days) – makes the actual kombucha tea
  3. Second Fermentation (3 to 10 days) – to carbonates the kombucha tea

Kombucha First Fermentation Step By Step


  • 4 cups of water boiled
  • 2-3 tbsp. loose-leaf black tea
  • ¾ cup cane sugar
  • 8 cups of cool/cold water
  • 1 SCOBY
  • 2 cups kombucha starter tea-(any previously fermented Kombucha tea you can buy it)


  • Steeping vessel (pot + strainer, or french press)
  • 1 gallon glass jar
  • Food thermometer
  • Cotton cloth cover (coffee filter, clean shirt/bandana, fine-weave cheese cloth)
  • Rubber band

The Tea

Make a tea concentrate by boiling 4 cups of filtered water. Once boiling, turn the heat off and steep your loose-leaf tea for 15 minutes.

Strain out the tea leaves with a strainer to your fermentation jar.

Add in your sugar do not use a sugar alternative they can at best not ferment at worst dangerous.

Add 8 cups of cool/cold water to the jar to dilute the tea and bring the temperature down.

When the temperature is between 65-80F add the SCOBY and Yeast

Cover with a few layers of the tightly woven cloth to keep out bugs and debris and put rubber band around to hold tight.

There can be a level of fermentation so do not tightly cover and make sure that there is room for growth and foaming in bottle. I recommend to leave a 1/3 empty.

Place somewhere dark with a room temperature (70-75 degrees F, 21-24 C) 7-10 days

Leave it alone for at least a few days and definitely don’t shake it.

Things To Note When Making Your Kombucha First Fermentation

  • Glass is always preferable when working with strong alcohol. Avoid plastic as much as possible.
  • Use organic ingredients to avoid pesticide residues.

Utensils Tips

Here is a list of the simplest utensils that you can use; the ones Mom should already have in the kitchen:)

– cheesecloth
– saucepan
– small funnel
– glass bottles, or storage containers, for bottling and serving, you can either use the glass Jar you used before, or just buy a second one. 

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To spirits and cheers,

Binyomin Terebelo, Master Distiller and Drinkologist.

Image by Alexander Lesnitsky from Pixabay

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