Berry Lemon Kombucha Recipe D.I.Y.

Berry Lemon Kombucha Recipe D.I.Y.

Berry Lemon Kombucha Recipe

Hay Guys and Gals, are you Looking for an awesome berry Lemon Kombucha Recipe? You now have no reason to look any further! Well you just found what you have been looking for, this is a recipe for the most awesome tasting berry Lemon Kombucha Recipe in the world.


  • 2 strawberries or 4-5 berries, cut into small chunks
  • 1 inch lemon cut into small chunk
  • 4 cups of kombucha


  1. chop up your lemon and berries into small chuncks place in mixing bowl.
  2. Pour in kombucha-Scoby from base recipe to the mixture mix then divide into bottles.
  3. Follow the directions second fermentation – leave to ferment as outlined for 1-3 days (Though you wont be do doing the measurements as in adding fruit you have sugar to scoby.)
  4. Place back in to fridge to prevent farther fermentation and of course served chilled.

Congratulations You Have Completed Making this Awesome berry Lemon Kombucha Recipe!

Just a reminder you need a bottle and a label which are cool enough to compliment your hard work. Honestly, if you put it into a cheap bottle, people will make fun of you. BUT, if it looks good, people will rave about it!

Notes on Utensils and Ingredients

  • Glass is always preferable when working with strong alcohol. Avoid plastic as much as possible.
  • Use organic ingredients to avoid pesticide residues.

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