Master Distiller Binyomin Terebelo’s Exploring The Spirits Of The World

Master Distiller Binyomin Terebelo's Exploring The Spirits Of The World
Master Distiller Binyomin Terebelo's Exploring The Spirits Of The World

Master Distiller Binyomin Terebelo’s Spirit Exploration TExploring The Spirits Of The World

Join me as I adventure into the wonderful world of alcohol creation.

As Master Distiller at Terebelo Distillery, I am always exploring and venturing to learn new things about distilling and alcohol. This summer, I was hoping to take a trip around the globe to experience firsthand the wonderful world of local spirits and liqueurs ranging from Scotland and Ireland’s normal and delicious Whiskeys. To the exotic such as Feni, an Indian spirit made from the distilled apple of the cashew. To the hills of Japan. The planes of the middle east Arak and the like. Did I leave out Sojo? Let’s share with you Sojo is practically the water of South Korea, or we can reword that the Vodka of South Korea.

Slivovitz, we will have to tour the eastern European countries to get a taste of what they have to offer, and there’s more there than Vodka. France and its oh-so-beautiful-sounding names from Armagnac, Cognac, and Calvados will be quite a trip! Of course, a stop at the Greek Islands for Kitron is a bonus!

Of course, the Americans from Bourbon in the United States, Canadain Whiskey, and the new king Tequila will all get their time in the spotlight on this virtual journey. So buckle up, grab a bottle(that’s the best part you can virtually drink and drive) and let’s go!

There are over 196 countries globally, and every country has its own unique flavor and style. Did I say 196 countries? Oh, too bad I included the Muslim countries where they don’t have alcohol. I guess we will eventually get to those countries and see if they might be making spirits for the non-muslim population, so hang on and remember what we learn will be put into a bottle at Terebelo Distillery, Your favorite Boutique Distillery!

So off we go in this day and age, at least virtually to the Philipines, where we hope to learn a little about their Lambaong, a delightful drink that we shall explore in our next article. Stay tuned and stay happy!

Yours Truly Master Distiller,

Binyomin Terebelo

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Written by Binyomin Terebelo
I love hearing from you about why you love something I wrote or published or a recipe I don't know. I am Master Distiller at Terebelo Distillery, Love all things alcohol. Freelance for Grogmag and blog recipes for Weekend Rabbi too.
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