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Your Essential Home Bar List

Your Essential Home Bar List
Your Essential Home Bar List

The Essential Home Bar List

I decided to scribble down a bit on the topic of Essential home bar must-haves. While I wait for a travel agent to assist me!

For those that don’t know I am trying to book a direct flight to Quezon City. The nearest airport from Quezon City is the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

The only direct flight from N.Y.C leaves on Thursday and land on Shabbos (yes it’s a long flight) so obviously that’s out. Another issue is there is no business class on direct flights from N.Y.C. and I’m sure that will be an issue by an alternative airport to so yes I will be using a travel agent!

The most amazing thing about the Essential home bar list is the efficiency and thrill you will have preparing mixes and cocktails. Oh, I did fail to mention that you will also feel super cool, and adrenaline will course through your body every time you find a reason to use your home bar.

Have you thought about making your own home bar but felt overwhelmed by the thought, or were the gadgets and gizmo options just way too daunting? No worries, that’s what our list and reviews will come to help you out with.

You will find it a must to a cocktail shaker with a built-in strainer, a double-headed jigger a paring knife that well sharpened should go without saying. A corkscrew for opening bottles and, of course, a bottle opener. A simple but good fruit juicer for your lemons and oranges, a blender to pulverize your ice (don’t buy a cheap one). If you really want to do it right, make sure you have a cutting board, a bar spoon, a bar towel, and of course, a huge selection of different cocktails, martini glasses!

Of course, as your experience with mixing grows, you will keep on adding to your list of what you must have and what you consider essential.

I will continue writing on equipment needs and, of course, start writing recipes for your bar in the weeks ahead. I am so excited about this new column, and I know you will be too!

Of course, all of the articles that I publish are available on my blog buildthebottle!

Master Distiller and Author,

Binyomin Terebelo

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