Road Trip Normandy Calvados Region France

Road Trip Normandy Calvados Region France
Road Trip Normandy Calvados Region France

Road Trip Normandy Calvados Region France

Road Trip Normandy Calvados Region France, Normandy the place of D-Day and American Legends, the thrill of exploring such a hollowed ground in American history it sends a chill up my body.

As an American and as a Jew, I will start off with a private prayer for those that were killed giving their life for our freedom.

As we explore the region in France I will ask the distillers how the war effected their stock tradition and if there is any family folklore about G.I.’s.

Another fascinating topic I will love to explore is the Jews In Normandy during the middle ages.

Jews and France share the same history going back over a 1000 years! I can’t wait to explore the city of Rouen the area called  “Le Clos aux Juifs” (the Jews’ Enclosure) and what maybe considered that oldest Talmudical “yeshiva” Study hall still standing and the  Palais de Justice.

Now Back On The Road Trip

I love the uniqueness and tradition of the Distillers located in the Calvados Region of France. Their expertise why of course Calvados!

Eh you are asking in yourself what’s so special about this spirit? Let me give you a little background about calvados.

You can’t just call any apple brandy Calvados!

First Calvados is a specific region in France and if you are in that region you can call yourself Calvados. Even cooler the Calvados region is broken down in to micro regions (or appellations) each with their own name.

What is so unique is that each category is protected by law, that’s international law. Preventing any country or distillery from using either in name or term Calvados.

There are 4,000 cider fruit growers growing apples on calvados appellation areas. This means their apple cider can be distilled and legally be classified as Calvados.

These 4,000 Cider growers supply 350 producers, processors, traders, and cooperation’s. To distill and ship this awesome and unique drink to almost 100 countries around the world.

I started my outreach by emailing the biggest Calvados names and looks like I hit the Jackpot right away checkout this email!

Looks like we are ready to go so happy travels and easy flight!

We will let you know which points to use at some point for the best traves!

Master Distiller and Friend,

Binyomin Terebelo

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Image by Franck Barske from Pixabay

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