Château’s In France

Château's In France
Château's In France

Château’s In France

Château’s In France, seems like I have been getting a lot of blow back on my last post! Much appreciated so let me clarify. I am all into staying at these Château’s and manors. They can be the most amazing experience the only thing that I was pointing out was what to check for.

Another great point made by is when staying in an area where American’s frequent you are much more likely to get American style accommodations with French flair! As opposed to the opposite being pseudo American and uncomfortable.

Same for food you will be getting French style food but fit for the American palate so you will be satisfied with the taste no reports yet if they give American size portions of food.

I am enclosing a link to such a Manor that is half hour away from the D-Day beaches. I personally can not vouch for the service but hey it was suggested by someone that Liked it!

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