Distillery Road Trip

Distillery Road Trip

Distillery Road Trip

I always wanted to spend days on end on distillery road trip. Traveling the world visiting distilleries viewing their magnificent stills, speaking to their masters distillers, and sharing a laugh with the coopers. Most importantly I wanted to have feel first hand the heritage that goes into the every single bottle.

From grains to fruit do they use barley or is it corn that is the fashion? Sugar cane or agave, the options are endless.If it has sugar it ferments and if it ferments it is distilled!

Yeast are they using a yeast that is made in house and therefore uniquely flavored? Or are they using Terroir yeast also known as wild yeast such as what is found on grapes? Obviously this adds a whole knew element and twist to the alcohol not to mention the complexity and difficulty dealing with it.

Exactly which still and temperature do they distill at I mean this drastically effects the taste lower temp. lets out more flavor as does a shorter still neck.

The oak used in the barrel and more specifically if it French oak which forest and don’t laugh when American oak which side of the mountain the sunnier side or the side that has the breeze.

Alas Covid-19 has totally changed my plans to doing a virtual from my couch or bed. I will be going to visit first more exotic distilled spirits such as Calvados in Normandy region of France. However do not feel bad about the loss of my road trip by doing a virtual you can join and be a part of this trip!

So buckle up and lets begin!

Master Distiller And Drinkoligist,

Binyomin Terebelo

Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay

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