Flying Into Normandy

Flying Into Normandy
Flying Into Normandy

Flying Into Normandy

Flying Into Normandy, there are multiple airports to fly into however the only truly international one is in Caen I do not plan on flying into it.

Here I enclosed a list of all the airports and of course you can which are closest to the D-day Landing area’s. Airport List

I do suggest that you read the comments below to see which are practical.

I am flying from my home town New York city. The flight leaves from J.F.K international and lands in Paris. Notice though Caen may be international from New York it was a quarter the price and even less traveling time to fly into Paris and take either a bus or train to Caen.

I chose Caen for being the largest city I figure I will start my journey there with some shopping.

Delta is a partner airline with KLM and Air France so I definitely had a lot of options flights wise it helped that by check I got a free upgrade on a seat do to the fact I was a points booking and availabilty!

Can’t wait till next post about our train or bus ride from Paris airport De Gaulle or Orly to Caen!

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