Renting A Car In France

Renting A Car In France
Renting A Car In France

Renting A Car In France

Now I an not quiet sure if you landed in Paris and want to rent a car there as opposed to taking the train to Caen and I agree it is scenic to drive and you can even throw in a few Cidery’s on the way.

Or did you land in Caen or elsewhere in the country, either way the rules are practically always the same.

Have The Right Credit Card

Check with your credit card to make sure that it offers a good foreign transaction exchange rate. This should be done before the trip and always use the card with the best exchange rate and no fee for everything on the trip not just for the rental car!

Insurance coverage, why pay for insurance when your credit card already covers it. Give them a call ask what they cover if they email you their rules even better. I scratched a car on my way to the Grand Canyon and my Hilton Card covered it. Just make sure you are covered in the country you are traveling to there are exceptions.

Finely Where To Book

There are 2 basic options, a website such as Priceline the benefit is that you see all the rates of all the different rental agencies at once.

The downside you can’t always get membership perks like when you book directly.

Booking directly you get membership perks just make sure they work in the country you travel to! Minimum age would be one perk to check and double check.

I personaly do both to get the priced and I always wind up at I am a costco member.

Final Thoughts

Always book in advance as you get closer the prices go up and availability goes down. Besides the reservations don’t cost you anything. I would suggest that you reserve at more then one rental agency I have shown up with a reservation and there was no car for me in the lot. I just don’t think it is ethical though so I just don’t recommend it.

Even if you only want a 1 day rental always check what the price would be if you take it for 3 days, same from 4,5,6, to 7 strange things happen!

Never rent at the rental stand itself go outside and use their wi-fi if you must and you will find it so much cheaper!

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