Blueberry Liqueur D.I.Y. Recipe

Blueberry Liqueur Recipe D.I.Y.

Hey Guys and Gals!

Are you looking for an awesome Blueberry Liqueur Recipe? You now have no reason to look any further; you have just found what you have been looking for! This is a recipe for the most awesome tasting Blueberry Liqueur in the world.


  • 3 cups vodka
  • 1 cup of blueberries frozen or fresh
  • 2 cup sugar
  • 2 cup water


  1. Combine vodka & blueberries in the blender & puree on high until no large pieces remain
  2. Transfer to a large, sterile mason jar & place lid on tightly
  3. Store in a cool, dark place for 2 weeks – give the jar a shake once a day
  4. After it has sat for 2 weeks, strain through a coffee filter into a pitcher – discard fruit
  5. In a small saucepan, combine water & sugar & bring to a boil over high heat.after water starts boiling lower the heat.
  6. Cook & stir until sugar is dissolved – remove from heat & cool completely
  7. Transfer the cooled simple syrup to your strained blueberry vodka
  8. Stir, cover & refrigerate for three to four days to ensure a smoother & more mellow flavor.
  9. Transfer to jars & store in a cool dark place until ready to use


I am listing the simplest utensils that you can use, the ones mom should have already have in the kitchen.
– A large glass jar (I used a 3 liter jar)
 large plastic bowl
– paring knife
– vegetable peeler  (or knife)
– measuring cups (liquid and dry)
– metal strainer
– cheesecloth
– saucepan
– small funnel
– glass bottles, or storage containers, for the final product, you can either use the glass Jar you used before, or just buy a second one. 

Notes on Utensils:
Allways use glass or food grade plastic. When working with strong alcohol.

Congratulations You Have Completed Making This Awsome Blueberry Liqueur

You now need a bottle, and a label, that is cool enough to compliment your hard work. Honestly if it looks good people will rave about it. If you put it into a cheap bottle people will make fun of you.

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Photo by Élisabeth Joly on Unsplash

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