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Terebelo Distillery Smoking Chips

Terebelo Distillery BBQ Wood Chips
Terebelo Distillery BBQ Wood Chips

Terebelo Distillery Smoking Chips

As the BBQ season heats up, I could find no better wood chips than Terebelo Distillery smoking wood chips for my meat and chicken on the BBQ.

Before I start, let me share the fun Binyomin Terebelo is a great friend of mine. He actually is the main blogger here at Buildthebottle. To remain ‘impartial,” I wrote the article.

Smoking with your meat and chicken with wood chips is a time-honored American tradition, or it is at least in my family.

The flavor of the wood is, of course, essential. Over the years, I noticed that the flavoring was getting synthetic. I wanted to purchase wood chips. I started looking on the back of the back, and there was a list of “ingredients.” Why was there more than “wood”? In truth, why was there even a list called ingredients?

Terebelo Wood Chips

I remembered a conversation a while ago with my friend Master Distiller Binyomin. [I just realized I am blogging from his account, and his profile will be on the bottom.] He mentioned that he has oak barrels used to age his world-famous New York bourbon, and as the law prohibits using a bourbon barrel more than once, he had no use for them. I mentioned to him to make BBQ chips, and that was pretty much the end of our conversation.

I reached out to him again and asked him what happened, and you won’t believe what he said. “Binyomin tells me that he liked the idea he is releasing freshly chopped wood chips from Terebelo Distillery still damp with his bourbon.”

I couldn’t believe my ears! After raking him over the coals for not telling me he was following up on my suggestion. (No pun intended) I asked if I could come over and pick some up which, of course, he was so gracious as always and said come on over.

Let me tell you; the BBQ was the best BBQ I ever had. The smoked wings and beef were so good you got to try them.

More on this coming up. I got to get to work. You can DM Binyomin 5512387791. He likes WatsApp

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Written by Binyomin Terebelo
I love hearing from you about why you love something I wrote or published or a recipe I don't know. I am Master Distiller at Terebelo Distillery, Love all things alcohol. Freelance for Grogmag and blog recipes for buildthebottle.com Weekend Rabbi too.
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