Why I Am Sad That My Bottle Is In Stores?

Why I Am Sad That My Bottle Is In Stores?

It is Thursday, and I am downright overwhelmed with deliveries. Last night I was in Flatbush, Kennsington, and Marine Park. I love to hand-deliver each bottle and share its story and, in turn, see the beautiful photos and video’s taken of each bottle. It is so personal to me, and I sincerely appreciate the feedback and compliments I am getting!

Sadly I am forced to try something new. I delivered a few bottles to a few select stores, stores that love and care for my story. Stores that tasted it and appreciated the uniqueness of 100% New York corn making it taste closer to a Scotch than a Kentucky Bourbon. Out of my own volition, I limited the quantity a store can take to two bottles to ensure that no one can buy a case and deprive you of your “Terebelo Shabbos.”

If you go into your store and take a video of the bottle, or when you buy one, you take a video of it at home on the Shabbos table and submit it to Our Website. It will mean so much to me to see that my bottle is where it belongs! Of course, you can be sure that I will get back to you!

You can also share on Instagram, Linkedin, Etc. Of course, if you use #terebeloshabbos, I will then be able to know you posted and shared it!

I am looking forward to hearing from you and sharing with you every Shabbos!

Master Distiller and Friend,

Binyomin Terebelo

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Written by Binyomin Terebelo
I love hearing from you about why you love something I wrote or published or a recipe I don't know. I am Master Distiller at Terebelo Distillery, Love all things alcohol. Freelance for Grogmag and blog recipes for buildthebottle.com Weekend Rabbi too.
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