The Color Of Whiskey

The Color Of Whiskey
The Color Of Whiskey a pleasure

The Color Of Whiskey

Does the color of whiskey tell a story? Does the color give away the aroma and flavor that you are about to experience how about thinking that the color is part of the experience read on!

Did you know when whiskey comes out of the whiskey still it is always clear!

A Little History First

Before it was the spirit we know today, and before wooden casks were used for storage, whiskey was various shades of clear.

Various because it was literally up to the local housewife to decide what should go in the bottle with her homemade spirit.

Obviously this was can not truly be classified as whiskey because whiskey must be aged in wooden casks for a number of years unless of course it was before the year that law was enacted or the U.S. and being a corn whiskey.

Adding Color

Whiskey can also get its color from another source. Spirit caramel, otherwise known as E150a, is used to shade some Scottish and other whiskeys it supposedly has no taste, but does impart a caramel color giving a consistent color. Obviously this is most prevalent in a blend.

It is barred from use in US Bourbon and rye whiskeys giving those Yankies yet another reason to argue that theirs is more pure.

Future Article Now That You Know Alcohol always comes out clear from the whiskey still!

Colors And Flavors From The Barrel

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To spirits and cheers,

Binyomin Terebelo, Master Distiller and Drinkologist

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