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How To Drink Whiskey

How To Drink Whiskey
How To Drink Whiskey A detailed guide to drinking whiskey!

How To Drink Whiskey

How To Drink Whiskey, tired of hearing friends talk about whiskey and the deep flavor and complex spices they taste? Want to go out with friends and actually impress them? How about if you simply want to understand why people pay a premium price for whiskey that to you tastes the same? Then Read on

1 Your Glass

This should be comfortable to hold but narrow at the opening. Tumblers are too wide and allow aromas to escape.   Glencairn tasting glasses are ideal, but a conical, small wine glass will also work. Use a clean glass for each whiskey you are tasting. suprisingly water alone cannot rinse out the alcohol residue. If you only have one glass the best way yo rinse is taking a shot with your new whiskey and then take your second shot as the taster.

2 Comfortable Space

You need to be comfortable and lets just mention your glasses and bottles to. Rest assure that if all is comfortable things taste diffrent. Did I mention ambiance?

3 Don’t Be Hungry

Obviously besides for the boozy affect of drinking on empty stomache your tastes buds and patience are short circuited and not able to pay attention to the fine diffrences. Eat wwell but don’t over eat around an hour before,

4 Finger Food Snacks

Go for neutral, palate-cleansing snacks such as unsalted (or low-salt) light pretzels or rice cakes remember focus on alcohol dont overwhelm your taste buds. Or for that matter take away from your focus that is the whiskey.

5 Water

Use bottled water to add to the whiskey and sparkling seltzer water to hydrate yourself. Avoid mineral water dont add to whiskey because it has a taste.

6 Tasting With Friends

A great idea if they are into it, same rule as always not to many friends then it will just be a party and you will not be able to relax get comfortable and taste the way you should.

7 Keep Notes

Yes memories can fade and confusing a bottle is simple to ease take a picture of bottle tag it and right what you taste you can even share on instagram!

8 Taste Size

½ fl oz  (15ml) is fine. You want to have your sense’s alaway through!

9 Order Of Tasting

Taste the lighter colored ones first  ideally, taste whiskeys “blind” with the bottles covered as the color, shape,  and design of a bottle can influence you. 

Suggestion have a pourer or pour before!

10 Tasting Only When Well

If you have a cold or any other illness.. Similarly, try not to smoke at least an hour beforehand. This also suppresses taste.

11 Don’t Rush While Tasting

Now taste, slowly and carefully.  Look at the whiskey first and nose it. You can spin to further bring out the aroma. Now start sipping, savor each drop, extracting every element of flavor and aroma. Only move from one drink to the next when you’re ready.

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To spirits and cheers,

Binyomin Terebelo, Master Distiller and Drinkologist

Image by Kerstin Riemer from Pixabay

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