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Detecting Whiskey Aromas

Detecting Whiskey Aromas
Detecting Whiskey Aromas

Detecting Whiskey Aromas

Detecting Whiskey Aromas, how your nose influences your taste.

For starters start with sniffing your whiskey. Sniffing is your “gateway” to whiskey to the experience. Just imagine Disney without the grand entrance if you don’t sniff when you take that shot you already missed out.

Before we look at aromas or flavors, we need to understand how our sense of smell processes the aroma’s and influences our taste.

Understanding What You Sense

To understand what you smell you first have to know where the smelling happens the position of what’s called olfactory system.

The most sensitive data-gathering part of your palate is your olfactory system.

Olfactory receptor nerve cells containing a single olfactory neuron and are agitated and stimulated by aromas around you.

Once a flavor has been detected, the neuron identifies the smell as best it can and notifies your brain to process and sort the information.

How The Aromas Reach The Olfactory Receptor Nerve Cells

There are two pathways to the olfactory receptor nerve cells. The first pathway for these receptors is through your nostrils when you smell something. The second pathway exists right behind your tongue.

When you taste something the flavor molecules travel up the back of your throat to the olfactory receptors. Ever had water come out of your noses? Well its through this pathway that it traveled. Have a cold this pathway gets closed .

Taste Is With Your Nose

Your mouth is not quiet efficient at tasting without the assistance of your noses just try it,. Hold your nose and have a drink!

Getting The Right Taste With Your Noses

Avoid strongly flavored foods or smoking an hour before tasting. Both can numb your palate, making it harder for your nose to detect more subtle aromas.

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