Farm Updates

Farm Updates

So not so exciting news, New Jersey as it turns out is not the place you would want to open a distillery. At least not if you plan on making whiskey.

Their regulations require that you grow the grains in N.J. on YOUR FARM, that being a difficult task because the soil is not grain friendly!

Ever heard of Laird’s Apple Jack now you know why they are only distilling apples!

Another not so pleasant fact is that you cannot have more then 2000 gallons of waist water that can be quiet a problem.

Like the picture the osmosis and tranquility dream is on fire. I may have to give up the dream of owning the place and designing but I won’t give up the dream of creating my own alcohol.

Lets just say New Jersey is not being very encouraging. We will have to take to exploring all other options surrounding states and all.

To spirits and cheers,

Binyomin Terebelo

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