Understanding Whiskey With Your Eyes

Understanding Whiskey With Your Eyes
Understanding Whiskey With Your Eyes

Understanding Whiskey With Your Eyes

Understanding Whiskey With Your Eyes, can your eyes deceive you when tasting whiskey? The answer is of course just like everything in life. Sight is a sense and helps you form an opinion upon sight.

Simple Tips

Lighter whiskeys are usually from aged ex-Bourbon casks. Darker whiskeys are ex-sherry barrels, while rose or antique copper colors usually mean port.

Bourbon will always be a darker color due to the charring of the barrel.

Corn whiskey when aged is always a yellowish color because of its short aging period.

If the whiskeys are hazy or cloudy, it usually means that they have not been chill-filtered leaving in proteins or fatty acids.

Place your hand over the glass the longer the bubbles last the stronger the alcohol content.

Always taste by sipping from left to right side of your mouth.

Pay attention to the type of glass you are using the shape can influence the color and of course the aromas and taste.

Lighting nothing is important then lighting the right setting the whiskey will glow and look splendid the wrong setting and looks like apple juice.

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