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Chase Freedom Card Review

Freedom Card
Freedom Card

Chase Freedom Card Review

Ok I promised so I will follow through. Your first card is always exciting I will cut to the chase (no pun intended)!

You are doing credit cards to churn points or as a hobby just like me I have 43 credit cards and a credit score of over 800. The credit card game is a thriller for those that are successful at it you cant imagine. A friend of mine paid for a down payment with points he sold.

If you need to borrow money or will run a balance well get your house in order and do start with credit cards they will run you into debit beyond your worst nightmares.

The Chase Freedom Review Why To Start With This Card

Chase has a policy called 5/24 If you open up more then 5 credit cards anywhere which means from any bank you will not be able to open that many cards at chase.

For example if you go to TD for your first card then you can only get 4 cards from chase over the next 24 months.

Ok but why should I apply and care about Chase. Dude listen its all about the bonuses and chase has the best sign up bonuses.

The sign up bonus here is if you spend 500 dollars you get 150 dollars back guess what it is probably the best around of course you got to read all the fine print you will see offers for $500 you will get $250 back. Guess what there is a yearly fee so click my link give me the bonus and get your freedom card!

Click HereFreedom Card

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