What Yeast To Use For Fruit Wine

What Yeast To Use For Fruit Wine
What Yeast To Use For Fruit Wine, Get fermenting!

What Yeast To Use For Fruit Wine

Fruit wine is a tricky subject every fruit has its own unique interaction with yeast. Yeast is essentially a live organism that consumes the sugars and converts it into alcohol. In a similar vein the same way your body processes different foods in different ways the same is for yeast.

However there a are a few rules to follow that with that knowledge you will be able to make the right choice.

The Rules For The Right Yeast

The amount of wine that you are making and the proportionate amount of yeast that you need. To little yeast and it will not start, to much yeast and it will get a bad taste.

Fermentation Temperature

The temperature of the room you will be aging your wine in, you do not want to pitch the yeast tell all your friends about your fruit wine and find that you have a stuck fermentation because it is to cold!

To hot and those little yeast organisms start sweating and will give off a fun taste.

Time For Fermentation

Do you need it to be done in a limited amount of time such as 48 hours. Are you going away on vacation or will be to busy to bottle.

Use the wrong yeast and you only have 48 hours you will not have much of a fermentation. Have your wine fermentation finish fermenting before you can bottle it. The extra time spent sitting with the now dead yeast will yield a possibly foul tasting wine.

Sugar In Fruit Wine Fermentation

Know the sugar level of your fruit juice, do you want a dry wine? You want a yeast that will eat up all the sugars in the fruit juice.

Do you want a sweeter wine use a yeast that will die before they can consume all the sugar in the juice.

Opening Up Your Yeast

Sanitize the outer part of the yeast package with alcohol you don’t want any stray bacteria that maybe on the outside influencing or even ruining your wine’s flavor.

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