Monitor your fermentation remotely with the Brew Perfect Classic! Formerly sold under the name BeerBug, the company has since rebranded and made major software improvements to its new application. The Classic contains the same hardware as the BeerBug, but is fully compatible with the Brew Perfect mobile app and online dashboard.

The Brew Perfect Classic monitors Specific Gravity, Fermentation Temperature and Alcohol % and transmits that information to an online account in real time. Brewers can log in to the Brew Perfect Classic website or access their ferments via the free Android or iOS app to view real-time measurements and historical graphed data.

The Brew Perfect Classic helps brewers answer the important questions and gain real insight into how their beer ferments. Now it is possible to gauge real lag times, see the actual temperature impacts from different yeast strains, determine how yeasts behave in the time from high krausen to actually finishing fermentation and much more.

What could be cooler than all of that? How about the built-in capability to share all of this data directly with friends and fellow brewers over social media? The possibilities are endless. Set up a Brew Perfect Classic for your shop and run monthly contests with your customers: Who can finish first? Who can ferment the dryest? Who has the most even fermenttaion temperature? Or, simply engage your customers by posting your “house” fermentation data directly to your shop’s Facebook page.

How it works
Specific Gravity is measured with the “Torpedo,” whose buoyancy in the fermenting wort is monitored by the Brew Perfect Classic. This is the same principle a hydrometer works off of. The length of the line that the Torpedo hangs from can be adjusted to any length, making the Brew Perfect Classic compatible with any fermenter.

Temperature is measured via a built-in sensor that monitors the temp of the CO2 being released from your fermentation. On it’s own this is very accurate, but for that extra degree of precision an external temperature probe is also available.

Alcohol percentage is calulated based on starting gravity and the amount of sugar that’s been fermented.


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