The versatile Bottle Tower is a complete sanitizing and bottle draining package when used with the Monster Cleaner. With this bottle tower you will be able to stack up to 10 easily assembled and unassembled inserts plus the new Monster Cleaner as your top insert (Monster Cleaner sold separately).

This top insert facilitates easy drying of our PET Carboy or FerMonster™ for a complete draining station. For heavy brewers, draining is made easy as our base is designed to empty directly into a sink with a standard 3/8” hose.

Please note the example photos show extra inserts added to the bottle tree. The 45-seat tree comes standard with 5 inserts. We do not recommend using more than 10 inserts per Bottle Tower.

  • You can install a hose if you wish to drain it directly to a sink (5/16” ID hose)
  • Top of the bottle drainer will take our Monster Cleaner with no adapter required.
  • PET carboys and FerMonsters™ could be placed on top to drain them.
  • BPA free.
  • Made with food grade materials


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