Wash Pot
The steam jacketed Wash Pot has a gross volume of 1400L allowing for a maximum working volume of 1200L with a 15% headspace inside the pot. The kettle features analog thermometer and PT100 relay probe in the headspace, pressure gauge and relief valve, raked bottom for thorough draining, and manway with sight glass to monitor your wash boil. From the kettle, vapor rises through the copper onion-shaped expansion chamber, through the lyne arm and into the column manifold.

Columns & Routing Vapor
The column manifold features a series of 3-way valves used to route vapor into or past each column. For example, during a vapor infusion run while making gin, you would route the vapor into the infusion column to pass through any botanicals you’ve added to the gin basket, and then bypass the copper 4-plate column, bypass the steel 16-plate column, and route the vapor to the product condenser. Conversely, for the highest purity neutral spirit, you would bypass the infusion column and route the vapor through both the copper 4-plate column and steel 16-plate column before entering the condenser. The beauty of this system is how easily you can adapt it to the type of spirit you want to produce. Simply, bypass columns or close off individual plates as needed.

As mentioned above, this distillation system truly is a one-time installation with no breakdown required—when it comes to making different spirits but also when it comes to cleaning. Each part of the system from the kettle to the condenser and each plate features a CIP spray ball for convenient and thorough cleaning. The included CIP pump is powerful enough to clean an entire column at once, or you can flip the valves to clean individual plates if desired.


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