PLAATO Airlock – WiFi Fermentation Analyzer


  • PLAATO Airlock
  • Micro USB power cable (10 ft.)
  • Free iOS & Android app
  • 2018 Red Dot award winner for Industrial Design




PLAATO Airlock takes your brewing to the next level. Get deep insight into the fermentation of your brews. PLAATO Airlock lets you see how different yeasts behave and lets you learn what types of yeast you should use for different kinds of brews. For the first time you can know precisely when fermentation starts, when it peaks and when it is finished. All this from anywhere in the world. Plaato connects to your local WiFi and transmits data every fifth minute – giving you instant access to the fermenter’s activity. When the BPM (Bubbles per Minute) reaches zero, you can be absolutely sure that the beer is finished fermenting – the yeast has fully consumed the sugars – and you can with peace in mind continue with dry-hopping or cold-crashing. Although developed for brewers, the Plaato Airlock can be used for all types of fermentation, including wine, cider, and mead.


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