MB Reflux Column Still with 4 in. Plates – 50L/13.2G



  • Heavy Duty Kettle – built to last and will survive for generations
  • Shotgun Style Condensers for easy cleaning and efficient cooling
  • Modular Construction – tri-clamp connected parts in the column and condenser allow you to remove or add parts as you see fit. Remove the plate section and dephlegmater (reflux condenser) for fast stripping runs or pot-style spirit distillation
  • 4 Copper Plates provide plenty of surface area to capture (trap or bind) sulfur so that it doesn’t make it into your finished spirit
  • Sight Glasses at each plate allow you to double check that you are keeping every plate loaded for optimal reflux
  • Solid Column – fewer leak points. No finicky plate gaskets which are prone to twisting and leaking
  • Large Bubble Cap – each plate has one large bubble cap which makes it easy to clean and maintain
  • Parrot Dump Valve allows you to drain the Parrot periodically during the run to make sure you are getting an accurate reading with your hydrometer
  • (3) 2″ Tri-Clamp Element Ports – use a combination of heating elements for more control
  • 2″ T.C. Dump port with Butterfly Valve
  • 1.5″ Shoulder port with Butterfly Valve
  • 1/2″ FPT cooling source connections


This professional still features a 4″ column and sight glasses at each plate to allow you to watch the progress of your distilling run. The modular construction features 4″ & 2″ tri-clamp parts throughout so you can add accessories or modify the still as you see fit. The heavy-duty kettle comes with analog thermometer, multiple element ports, a shoulder port for pumping in wash, and a bottom dump valve for easy cleaning.


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