KRYO Nomad Portable Inline Draft Beer Chiller | KOMOS®



  • (2) NukaTap Stainless Flow Control Faucets
  • (2) Tap Handles
  • Stainless Countertop Drip Tray w/ Removable Grill


  • Chill 2 gallons of beer per hour (based on 68°F ambient)
  • Duotight bulkheads compatible with 8 mm OD EVABarrier tubing
  • AC Voltage via IEC Plug: 110-120V
  • Max Power Draw: 300W
  • Dimensions: 9.25″ x 13.7″ x 18.1″ (not including faucets / drip tray)
  • CE Certified

Temp Controller:
Follow these steps to adjust the SET temperature on the controller.

  1. Press and release the ‘SET’ button to enter into the user menu.
  2. Press ‘SET’ will display the value of the target temperature setting.
  3. Press the ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ button to increase or decrease the set temperature.
  4. Press the snowflake icon button or wait 30 seconds and the controller will save the setting and return to normal operation mode.

Warning: Do not set the temperature controller lower than 28°F (-2ºC). Running the unit below this temperature may negatively affect the unit’s efficiency and has the potential to freeze beer which may impact the finished beer’s flavor.



Mobile draft dispensing has never been easier with the KRYO Nomad electric keg dispenser. As with a jockey box, beer is chilled inline as it passes from the keg through the internal draft coils which are chilled by the electrically powered solid carbon based heat sink. With a standard 110V outlet, you can serve ice cold beers from an unchilled keg, and unlike the KRYO glycol unit, this model is absolutely liquid-free, making it the ideal choice for mobile draft dispensing. No need to wait an hour for glycol solution to chill, once you power on the Nomad, you’ll be ready to go in as little as 15 minutes!

The secret to the KRYO Nomad’s incredible chilling capacity and portability is the solid carbon based heat sink. This heat exchange technology requires no liquid whatsoever, so you’ll never run into issues with emptying or spilling coolant when you transport this chiller from place to place. It provides roughly 300 watts of cooling power which allows you to chill about 2 gallons of beer per hour. Just be sure to give the unit about 2 minutes to recover for each 16 oz pour. The Nomad is very power efficient, drawing only 60 watts of power when the compressor is running. When idling, the chiller uses only 1.6 watts of power, meaning it it averages only 15 watts of power draw when turned on and periodically cycling the compressor.


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