Get on your way to making delicious beer with the FermZilla Flat Bottom Starter Kit. The kit includes the 30L Flat Bottom FermZilla as well as the most precious brewing tools you’ll need when making your first batch and beyond. Bottle capper, hydrometer, bottling wand and more, all bundled together at an unbeatable price.

The FermZilla Flat Bottom Fermenter is an excellent option for making all kinds of beverages, from beer and wine to kombucha and cold brew coffee. It’s compact, lightweight, and made of brilliantly smooth PET. The extra-large lid opening makes it easy to get your arm inside and scrub the walls clean after use. The Flat Bottom features the same lid as the Conical FermZilla’s, so installing accessories like a thermowell or Temp Twister Cooling Coil couldn’t be easier.


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