The two most popular sizes of our two most popular cleaning and sanitizing products. Keeping your equipment cleaned and sanitized is an important practice, whether you’re crafting beer, making wine, or roasting and brewing your own coffee beans. Stock up on PBW and Star San at the same time, and save a couple bucks along the way!

PBW stands for Powder Brewery Wash, which is a non-hazardous buffered alkaline brewery cleaner. PBW out performs other more hazardous caustic chemicals without removing the flesh off your bones. PBW also will not corrode soft metals.  Comes in a jar with screw top lid.

Star San is an acid based sanitizer that is quick, odorless, tasteless and safe for most materials except softer metals. Use of 1 oz of Star San per 5 gallons of water and a contact time of 1 minute makes Star San very economical and convenient.

Kit Includes:

Shipping Restricted: This product is only eligible for ground shipment within the contiguous 48 states.


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