Solid Silicone bung that will fit a 3, 5, 6 or 6.5 gallon glass carboy or 500ml flask. A solid stopper is the most reliable way to keep oxygen out for long term storage.

This bung has a ridge to keep it from getting sucked in when temperatures cool. It also features a ribbed body it doesn’t slip out during use. Even though it isn’t perfectly smooth like some other stoppers, it remains easy to clean and sanitize. The top measures 1.5″ wide and the bottom is 1.13″ wide.

While the FE592 carboy stopper is a great, economical choice, you may also want to check out our premium, silicone carboy hood FE496 as well. Working as both a solid or a breathable bung (depending on how the plug is set), the FE496 is like getting two bungs in one!


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