Build The Bottle

Experiments, Rainbows & Homemade Hessian Sacks

This week we’ve been playing around with different types
of distillations and really small batch experimentation.  The gins that we produce are already made on
a small scale, roughly 80 bottles a distillation which in comparison to may distillers
is very small, but we took this even smaller so we could play around with
flavour.  Graham’s experience as an
analytical chemist means he’s always keen to play with the chemistry side of the
process so the distillery has been engulfed (between distillations) with conical
flasks, botanicals and notebooks.  We don’t
have a new gin yet but it’s always fun to see how different flavours work together
and the more we play around the more we can offer something bespoke to our customers.

Whilst Graham has been housed in the distillery I have been
out and about looking for some autumn inspiration around the farm.  The one bonus of the continued wet weather
has been the appearance of a number of rather spectacular rainbows.  Nature often has a habit of throwing these at
us when we have nothing to capture them on or more typically when we are driving!
I got lucky this week and actually managed to picture one, on film, over one of
the hills on the farm.  If only every
cloud had a rainbow as well as a silver lining!

My other main focus has been starting to sew gift bags
for some of our walnut harvest, ready for our Christmas gift boxes.  The overlocker and sewing machine have been
going full pelt and we finally have a couple of “real life, in person” Christmas
fayres booked in and on the horizon so we are hoping the walnuts will be a popular
addition over the festive period.  It
feels far too long since we have been able to get out and about and meet with
the fine people of Norfolk and enjoy sharing our gin with them so we are more
than a little excited at the prospect of taking the distillery marquee on a
road trip or two!

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