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Rain Wet Walnuts And Mulled Gin

Rain Wet Walnuts And Mulled Gin

This week at Walnut Tree Distillery has seen the continued harvest of walnuts, most
of which has been done in the rain.  This has meant our dehydrator has been working overtime to try and keep up with demand. Whilst necessary to ensure our crop doesn’t rot in storage, there is most definitely a slightly “interesting” smell that emits from drying walnuts.
Although not as bad as some of the smells we get on the farm, I’ll definitely be glad when we get to the end of the walnut drying process.

Another side effect of working in the rain is the inevitable cold felt in the extremities. Surgical gloves keep walnut stains from the hands but aren’t the warmest so we’ve had to resort to evening pick me ups involving mulled gin.  As dubious as this might sound, and wine being the traditional alcohol of choice when mulling, gin works surprisingly well. Add to heated apple juice it’s like a warmed cider and has been keeping the cooler weather at bay (great for a

sore throat as well!)

We also took delivery, this week, of some new table top photography lighting to play with for product shoots.  These have replaced the old builders light we were using, which did a job but seemed to get extremely hot extremely quickly leaving everything a little wilted if left in direct view for more than a couple of minutes.  More suited to the bat signal that a gin photoshoot!

Halloween Preparations Covid-19

We’re now starting to look towards Halloween. Usually a time of parties and get togethers,
this year is likely to look quite different, but still an excuse to carve a pumpkin or 5! We’ve been rather enviously eyeing up a beast of a pumpkin that is growing on top of a wheelie bin at a neighbors up the road. We’re not entirely sure whether its growing location was planned but it is rather splendid none the less. Pumpkin pie makes an excellent accompaniment to our spiced gin (especially mulled!) so we’re hoping there’s a deal to be done there.

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