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Fruit For Wine Making

Fruit For Wine Making D.I.Y.
Fruit For Wine Making D.I.Y. which fruit to choose!

Fruit For Wine Making Picking The Right Ones

Fruit For Wine Making, are you trying to make the wine of your dream? Well guess what when you pick your fruit make sure you will fulfill your dream and have an absolute nightmare.

If you are making your Exotic Fruit Wine because you have these old fruits just hanging out in your fridge well I wouldn’t recommend serving such a wine to yourself much less to a friend!

How To Pick Your Fruit

Ripe Fruit Not Rotten Fruit

When you make a exotic fruit wine you are creating an experience not getting rid of old rotten fruit.

Remember this rule the nicer the fruit the nicer the and tastier the wine. And guess what those compliments will come fast and furious. You will become the most popular person on the block! So make sure they are ripe not rotten!

Look For Organic Fruit

Organic has another benefit, you get more of an earthly taste which will separate you from the mass produced fruit wines!

Worried about the mark up? Well I would worry more about the reaction and guess what whenever you say it’s organic people automatically assume it’s of higher quality!

Scrub The Fruit Clean

Well would you want to eat dirt? Besides that it doesn’t taste good and will tarnish the color and quality of your wine, dirt doesn’t taste good, and can cause a foul taste by contaminating your wine with a wild yeast. So scrub those fruit well and just make sure to rinse off that soap because hey soup doesn’t taste that great either!

Chopping Up Those Fruit

When You chop your fruit, well for crying at loud peal the fruit first. Ok you knew that but make sure your peeler is clean and sterilized, I cant say that enough sterilize everything cutting board countertops. That said make sure that the seeds or pit is removed.

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